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QR Code Best Practices

Creating a QR code to launch the Art House Immediate Experience?

Here is a guide to properly adding a QR code to your item.

Important Note

Please note, while the below is generally best practice, most cases will require further analysis, especially when deviating from a standard black and white code.


For QR codes that will be scanned up close e.g. packaging, business cards, flyers etc. we recommend at least ½ inch.


If you’re printing for use at events, point-of-sale or out-of-home, please consider the distance your average user is likely to be when scanning the code. The ratio of the scanning distance to the size of the QR code should be close to 10:1. For example, if you want someone to scan from 10 feet away, your code should be 1 foot in size. 


* Sizing information based on a 26 character code.



4 module wide margin is required around a symbol. 



Good contrast between the background and the QR code color (this is particularly important when a standard black & white code is not used). In cases of color-corrected codes (where the colors are changed from black and white), the QR Code should have a dark color with a light background color. Do not reverse the colors e.g. ensure the light parts stay light and the dark parts remain dark.

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