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 . . (e) force majeure. . . (f) acts, omissions or defaults of Our suppliers or other third parties, including . . . [any] strike, lockout or other industrial action or dispute. (g) accident, breakdown, riot, or civil commotion. Force Majeure means that the Seller's liability to You is excused for the period during which the event or occurrence takes place, whether or not . . . [the event or occurrence] . . . is caused by Our fault. (i) an event beyond Our reasonable control, (ii) an event that is not within Our control, or (iii) an event where the non-performance of the Contract or failure to deliver is due to circumstances beyond Our control. We will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to remedy any loss or damage that is the result of any such event. If an event beyond Our control has been an important factor contributing to the delay, then we will make suitable arrangements to give You an alternative performance date. If no alternative performance date can be agreed then the minimum guaranteed delivery time for the Goods will be extended accordingly. . . [However,] . . . we will not be liable to You for any loss of profits, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings or any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential loss or damages. 14. DEFAULT If We do not deliver the Goods or give the required notices in time then: (a) We will have a right of termination for breach . . . . (b) You will have a right to treat the Contract as repudiated and we will be under an obligation to cure any such repudiation within a reasonable time. . . . (c) You will have a right to treat the contract as repudiated and, if the repudiation is not remedied within a reasonable time, you may . . . . (d) You may, at Your election, (i) terminate the Contract; or (ii) treat the Contract as repudiated by Us. 15. SEVERABILITY If any one or more of these Terms and Conditions is or become unenforceable, illegal or void, it will be the responsibility of





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Download Oald8 Full Crack 12 nayber

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