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Smart Avatars by AR/T HOUSE


AR/T HOUSE Unveils Groundbreaking Smart Avatar Technology Combining AI and AR

Venice, CA, February 8th, 2024 – AR/T HOUSE, the app-less augmented reality technology for brands, is thrilled to announce the successful unveiling of their revolutionary Smart Avatars in Venice Beach, California. The inaugural presentation showcased a hologram of Abbot Kinney, powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence, in their Venice AR showroom, providing invitees with captivating insights into the rich history and vibrant present of this iconic beach town.

The event marked a historic moment as AR/T HOUSE introduced the world to the unparalleled capabilities of their smart avatar by bringing to life the persona of Abbot Kinney, a key figure in the development of Venice Beach. Attendees were immersed in an interactive experience where Abbot Kinney’s avatar intelligently engaged with them, offering a personalized journey through the past and present of the picturesque coastal community.

Key Capabilities of the Smart Avatar:

  1. AR-meets-AI: The smart avatar is powered by the app-less AR technology of AR/T HOUSE, along with the new AI capabilities built into their content management system, including subject matter expertise, conversational dialogue and custom inputs.
  2. Interactive Storytelling: The smart avatar seamlessly transitions between providing information about any specified topic, while engaging in real-time conversations that interest the user. The avatar’s persona comes to life through the interplay between real-time AI and AR rendering, for contextual, informative and enjoyable end user experiences.
  3. Customizable and Updatable The AR/T HOUSE proprietary CMS enables full customization of the avatar, from its look, feel and sound to its knowledge base, for any brand partner and experience. This presents clients with the opportunity to create customized AI Avatars tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Combined with real-time updating capabilities, the smart avatar is a digitally living representative for the brand partners of AR/T HOUSE.

"By combining AR and AI, our smart avatar technology unlocks an opportunity whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. AI is the brain of the avatar; AR is its body. This combination brings information to life like never before. For the Abbot Kinney avatar, we are able to tell the story within the history of Venice Beach in a highly immersive, interactive format for all ages," said Justin Fredericks, Co-Founder and CEO  at AR/T HOUSE.

Art House remains at the forefront of augmented reality innovation, and the Venice Beach event at their new HQ marked the beginning of a new era in interactive storytelling. The company already secured large brand partners for this groundbreaking technology, to be announced over the next several months.  

For more information about the smart avatar technology by AR/T HOUSE, please view this video demonstration.

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