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Halftime.AR: AR/T HOUSE Introduces the Future of Halftime Entertainment with Super Bowl Showcase

Venice, CA, February 12, 2024 – In the exciting aftermath of this year’s Super Bowl, AR/T HOUSE is taking the excitement to new heights with an immersive augmented reality experience transporting fans directly onto the halftime show stage, for a virtual performance by Usher and Taylor Swift. 

Already the leading app-less AR partner for a wide range of global brands, AR/T HOUSE empowers audiences worldwide to step into the future of entertainment, through this unprecedented teleportation experience. 

Key highlights include: 

- 360-Degree Allegiant Stadium: From the comfort of their own space, fans around the world can virtually visit the stunning new Super Bowl venue, taking it all in from field level. 

- Center Stage Access: The virtual viewers will be on stage, serenaded by the holograms of Usher and Taylor Swift. The 3D style of Usher showcases the vocal & dance talents of this year’s IRL halftime show performer. The transforming, holographic style of Taylor Swift, in both concert & cheerleader outfits, reflects her role as both performer and now one of the most famous fans & "cheerleaders" in NFL history. 

- 3D Stages, Screens, Fireworks and Lights: Produced specifically for this augmented showcase, the field is transformed into the extravagant concert setting that such an event and cultural moment deserves.

- Extended Access: The experience will remain accessible for a full week after the game, ensuring audiences in all time zones to participate at their own convenience. 

AR/T HOUSE has been at the forefront of app-less AR technology, powering activations for brands worldwide, including Paramount Pictures and Compass Real Estate. Their Super Bowl weekend global event brings a taste of the future to everyone, anywhere in the world.

“The most effective augmented reality leverages digital technology to enhance physical experiences in the world around us. A confluence of events surrounding this year’s Super Bowl set the stage for a spectacular, global AR moment,” conveyed Justin Fredericks, Co-Founder and CEO of AR/T HOUSE. “This multi-sensory, frictionless experience amplifies the current zeitgeist surrounding the global phenomenon of this year’s Super Bowl. Pop culture intersects with sports culture in this physical-meets-digital showcase.” 

Access to this extraordinary augmented showcase will be available to anyone with an iPhone or Android phone, no apps required, making it accessible to millions of fans worldwide. The experience can be launched by clicking or scanning an AR code on Halftime.AR, live through February 18, 2024, 630pm PST, ensuring that no one misses out on the future of entertainment.

For a preview of the Halftime.AR experience, please visit this video

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