The Art Show, Reimagined

Visual Artists Orbseer and REO Launch NFT Collaboration with Musical Artist Miguel in an Unparalleled Unveiling

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RESILLUSION marks a new development in the buzzy world of NFTs - blending the best of the digital and physical art arenas to form a brand new experience. The simultaneous offline and online event features visual artists Orbseer and REO, in collaboration with musical artist Miguel.

The multiverse, multisensory, multigenre art opening begins with a collector preview on April 30th, followed by the public viewing on May 1st. Collectors in Los Angeles will step into an immersive art show, displayed on 50' stereoscopic 3D panels of event partner 3D Live. Meanwhile, audiences around the world will be teleported into the experience via the augmented reality technology by Art House.

The tangible, yet ethereal art opening fittingly unveils a collection of physical-meets-digital pieces. Each collector of the NFTs will receive them in two forms - as purely digital artwork secured in a crypto wallet, and as augmented physical prints that come to life with AR.

“My purpose as an artist is to pull on the thread between the dream realm and the waking realm; to explore the lucid dream state and share visions from the other side with a wide audience”, says Orbseer.

Orbseer’s works go on sale live at the event, while those of REO and Miguel debut the week of May 3rd - all via MakersPlace, a leading NFT marketplace famously recognized as the partner with Beeple and Christie’s in their record setting $69 million auction.

This thoughtful new approach to the NFT phenomenon offers a peek into the promise of new technologies to display and distribute art, while retaining some of the valuable mechanics of the traditional art world - namely the importance of physical, tangible experiences. RESILLUSION demonstrates how the two not only can, but should co-exist in harmony.