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The first augmented reality art marketplace.

Each drop comes with an AR physical print and a digital art collectible. Made possible by Art House and NFT technology.


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Art, augmented.

Each drop on features an original and a limited edition set of physical prints, all coming to life with digital layers. Powered by the state-of-the-art technology of Art House, no app is required to view the AR experience.

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Collect NFTs.

Each drop also comes with a collectible NFT (with every purchase), digital art on the blockchain that is setting record sales.

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Physical Art

We believe that art is meant to be appreciated, to emotionally move people, to be enjoyed not once but often and over time. We facilitate this by offering limited edition physical prints of each digital art release, so that collectors can showcase the works in their homes and offices. The physical prints then activate hidden digital layers, powered by augmented reality.

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Augmented Art

Augmented art is the creative glue that merges the physical and the digital art worlds. Precisely mapped digital layers superimpose all of the original and limited edition art on From motion art and animations, to 360 photos and videos, to timelapses and artist interviews, AR brings the "stories beneath the brushstrokes" to the surface. To learn more about our AR partner, please visit Art House.

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Digital (NFT) Art

NFT art is digital art encrypted and distributed on the blockchain. It is one of the buzziest trends in the art world, with millions of dollars in early sales. The traditional art world is taking note, with Christie's recently releasing their first NFT auction. To learn more, please visit this overview article and corresponding links

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