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Direct Mail Template Guide

Using our direct mail template for your Art House project?

Here is a quick guide to help you along the way.

  1. Marker Image // This is your marker. It is important that this image matches the aspect ratio (width to height ratio) of your augmented layers (videos). This image is 16:9. Drag and drop to replace.

  2. Title // This is your heading text. Use this so people can easily understand the subject of your mailer. Double-click to edit.

  3. Subtitle // This is subheading text. Use this to add additional context to the subject. Double-click to edit.

  4. Logo // This is your logo. A way to ensure consumers know where the card came from. Drag and drop to replace.


  1. QR Code // This QR code will pull up the Art House Immediate Experience. This allows users to use Art House without downloading an app (if compatible). Drag and drop to replace.

  2. Call to Action // Including a clear call to action is vital to a successful augmented reality campaign. Double-click to edit.

  3. Directions // Including instructions will ensure your consumers do not have any issues navigating the experience. Double-click to edit.

  4. Information // Include a paragraph to entice consumers into engaging. Double-click to edit.

  5. Logo(s) // Show who presented this activation: Companies, sponsors, etc. Drag and drop to replace.

  6. Indicias // USPS requires that indicias are placed in the top half of your card. Do not edit this half of the card.


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