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Direct Mail Design Guide

Designing your own direct mail for your Art House project?

Here is a quick guide to help you along the way.

  1. Marker Image // This is your marker. It is important that this image matches the aspect ratio (width to height ratio) of your augmented layers (videos). High definition videos are usually 16:9, while standard definition videos are usually 4:3. However, videos can be cropped to any aspect ratio, just like an image. Be sure to double check your content before finalizing your mailer or postcard design.e

  2. Margin // Because the standard aspect ratio for a video is different from the standard postcard aspect ratio, unless you plan to do cropping, you may be left with margins. Use this space to highlight your product, service or brand.

  3. Border // Full bleed printing is a very popular option for postcards and mailers. Our technology is reading every pixel in an image. Due to the full bleed process, it may result in reduced accuracy when mapping your AR experience. We suggest adding a border to add contrast to the image and to ensure the image isn't cut too short.


  1. Invocation // In order for consumers to experience the AR experience, they need to use Art House's AR browser, our app or Immediate Experience. We suggest using a QR code or NFC tag to invoke the AR browser for an easy and frictionless experience.

  2. Call to Action // Including a clear call to action is vital to a successful augmented reality campaign. Be sure to let consumers know the experience is available to them.

  3. Directions // Including instructions will ensure your consumers do not have any issues navigating the experience.

  4. Indicias // USPS requires that indicias are placed in the top half of your card. The shortest end will always be the top half of the piece. Indicias should not be placed upside down. 

**QR Codes, NFC logos, and USPS Indicias are available upon request.


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