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Become an Art House Content Partner.

Our Content Partner Network offers haggle-free, high-quality, and professional content production services through our hand-selected Content Partners who are trained to create immersive and engaging content optimized for augmented reality. 

Why should I apply?



Unlock co-marketing opportunities and hassle-free referrals to grow your business.



Earn revenue share by referring people to Art House and receive a 20% commission by also signing up for our Agency Partner Program.



Get access to exclusive marketing resources available only to our Content Partners.



You'll receive access to personalized support including trainings, technical support, and more.

When creating augmented reality marketing campaigns, having content that was created for the experience is key to a successful campaign. When speaking to clients, we realized content creation is pain point for a majority of businesses. Business owners struggle to identify quality creators, understand what they are paying for, etc. This is where our Content Partner Network steps in.

Our Content Partner Network is a group of hand-selected creators with training, provided by Art House exclusively to Content Partners, to create content optimized for Art House augmented reality projects. Expectations and pricing are pre-set for a haggle-free experience. This creates a streamlined workflow while ensuring the highest quality content and professionalism.

What should I expect?



Fill out the form at the bottom of this webpage to begin the application process.



If we feel that you would be a good addition to the network, we'll reach out to schedule an initial discussion.

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You'll then join us for onboarding which includes a detailed overview of the platform and its capabilities.



Throughout our partnership, you'll have access to ongoing training as our platform grows and new features are released.

Strong Candidates for the Art House Content Partner Network include:

  • Creative Agencies and Production Companies

  • Videographers and Photographers

  • Motion Graphic Designers and Animators

  • 360 Videographers and Photographers

  • Graphic Designers

By applying, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You've read and agree to our Content Partner Agreement.

  • You'll pay Art House a 20% referral fee for qualified referrals. This may change at any time and without notice.

  • You'll attend and complete all required trainings.

  • You'll participate in regular business and account reviews.

  • You'll accept a new account at least once per 12 months.

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