Common Issues

When I scan my Art House activated item, it recognizes the item, but the content freezes or skips.

This is typically due to internet speeds. While our app works on any internet connection, some projects may be larger and require faster speeds. Because of this, we suggest being on Wi-Fi and having a download speed of at least 10 mbps. Please note that international customers may see increased latency due to our servers being located in the United States of America.

When I scan my Art House activated item it isn’t recognized.

  1. The connection between our app and our database may have updated. Please update your app to the latest version.
  2. The project may have been deactivated by the brand. Please reach out to the brand to ensure the project is still live.
  3. The project may have been optimized for iOS only. Due to limitations with ARCore, Android’s native AR software, some projects may not work properly on Android devices.

My Art House app keeps crashing.

  1. Quit the Art House app and reopen it.
  2. Delete the Art House app and reinstall it.
  3. Contact Art House Support at