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Merge physical artwork

and digital NFTs with Art House. 

With Art House, artists can sell tangible artwork with twin NFTs displayed through augmented reality.

These physical-meet-digital pieces are superimposed with immersive content:

NFTs, animations, timelapses, interviews, and more.

No app download required.

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As Featured In


One Piece.

Many Layers.



Bring originals, prints, and other merchandise such as stickers to life. With Art House, any physical image can be augmented within minutes. Take your collectors to the future.

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From small stickers

to massive murals

Art House automatically scales your AR experiences. From stickers to murals. Augment your mural and sell augmented prints without needing multiple apps or activations.


Art Shows

Add some flare to your next show. With augmented reality, you can engage collectors with immersive experiences with each work of art. Swap out content on the fly to provide a new experience.

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Purchase Today.

Become the Artist of Tomorrow.

Our Augmented Art Prints are a full-service, turnkey solution. We have truly merged physical and digital art, offering it to you on a silver platter:



Select your paper type, print size, and quantity.

Our fine art printers will handle the rest.



Unlimited digital layers.

Superimposed precisely to your physical prints.



Delivery and reports ensuring accuracy.

Fulfilled within 7 days from print design approval.

Need a motion designer, 3D designer, videographer, 360 producer or other creators for your Augmented Art? Ask your account manager, or email

Additional Printing Opportunities

Our service is not limited to art prints, but can apply to all of your merchandise - from massive mind-blowing murals to crowd stopping sidewalk posters to stickers and client gifts that will not get tossed away. 

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The world's most innovative brands trust Art House for our industry leading AR platform.



We know augmented reality can be intimidating, so we make it as simple as possible.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) places digital content into your physical environment. Real world images, objects and locations can be superimposed with video, photos, audio, motion graphics, text and more. This physical-meets-digital experience often leads to immersive, interactive,

wow factor moments.

Will Art House work for my brand?

Our proprietary platform was built to empower any brand from any industry. For solo entrepreneurs to small businesses to enterprises, real estate to film, Art House provides a new way to personally connect with clients, customers and fans.

Do I need to download an app?

No app is required when using our state-of-the-Art House Immediate Experience. While we do have our Art House AR viewer for iOS and Android available for download, we also provide branded app-less solution for select projects using the latest application development technology. In addition to these solutions, we offer white-label applications and SDKs (embed our AR technology into your own application) options for your convenience.

What if I don't have content ready?

We have built out a curated content partner network with pre-negotiated rates for your convenience. These professional creatives are industry experts and know how to take your project vision and make it reality. We'll work with you to identify what assets you need and manage the creative process for a seamless experience.

Let's Get That Demo Scheduled

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